Helmsley Black Cabs

Helmsley Black Cabs


Just want to say thank y ou for the excellent service we receiv ed for our return journey on Friday. We were pleased with the price a nd your manners were exceptional. Thank y ou once again x
At the moment we are advisi ng our guests to book a tab le if they would like to e at out on an evening, to sa ve disappointment.

However we fully understand th at not everyone is comfortable with eati ng out at the moment or th at some people do not want to tu rn back out on an evening to go a nd eat out.

So in our roo ms we have put a hamper. I ts main purpose is for you to ha ve all utensils needed for breakfast in yo ur room. However we also have it in mi nd that our guests can take advanta ge of it on an evening.

So me of our guests have eaten a larg er, later lunch out and then ju st bought cheese and biscuits back or a pic-n ic for later. Hunters of Helmsley a nd Thomas the Baker are lovely delicatesse ns. We have Hawnby creations chutneys f or sale on site to give yo ur pic-nic something special.

We are also hap py for you to bring back a take-aw ay, to sit out on the pati os with a glass of something.

We will also allow disposable BBQs (ju st let us know if you wi sh to do this so we c an set an area up for i t). There is no access to a kitch en and there are no fridges in t he rooms, but we are happy to p ut items in our fridge for y ou.

Visit Helmsley has loads of gre at places to eat. If you a re unsure of where to go, ha ve a chat with us and we a re happy to recommend, depending on wh at style of food you like.

If y ou want to relax and drink wi th your evening meal out then Helmsl ey Black Cabs is the taxi y ou need.

For more information on a st ay at Easterside Farm please contact us.
014 39 798277
[email protected]
Thanks Ian, Helmsley Black Cabs f or using our services again! ❀

Second cleaned/ozo ne treated!


@ Helmsl ey
Thank you Helmsley Black Cabs f or using our services!

It was also gre at to catch up.

Super happy the busine ss is slowly, slowly but getting ba ck on track.

The inside was all clean ed and we've done our ozone treatme nt. This cleans air conditioning but al so kills viruses and bacteria leaving t he space clean, refreshed but also SAFE.

Th is saying 'have a save journey' n ow makes sense πŸ€”πŸ˜‰


Helmsl ey
Team Carlton Lodge out this morni ng doing today's charity Run For Hero es 🌈 We ran to neighbouring Haro me where an official Michelin star is "feedi ng frontline" heroes. The Star Inn 's Andrew Pern has roped in t he whole family as they help fe ed York Hospital frontline staff whilst t he local cab company Helmsley Black Ca bs drives the food across. Su ch wonderful community spirit here so we' re trying to support all things loc al. We did 10km meaning 2x £5 donatio ns to charity. Picked up post-r un cake from the local bakery a nd official Cleveland Way beer from t he town's brewery.
AP and Team Pern busy in t he kitchen yesterday preparing meals for Yo rk A&E and ICU πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ³
Delivered by Helmsl ey Black Cabs and ingredients supplied by Wellocks.

Tha nk you to all the staff at Yo rk Hospital, hope you enjoyed the gr ub!

Just like the titanic's brass ba nd we will be serving our gre at customers as always, but please rememb er our a nd the rest that will be struggling .
the've been looking after you f or years!

Just some of the great peop le and shops and pubs that wi ll look after you!!!
La Trattor ia restaurant and wine bar Porters Coff ee Shop Helmsley Helmsley Black Ca bs Castlegate Cafe Manions
T he big boys can take it! al ot wont!!
The Magazine style version of my Helmsl ey book is apparently now available he re at Blurb. You can also ha ve a preview of yourself online if y ou are in it! Porters Coffee Sh op Helmsley Visit Helmsley Yorkshire Lavender Yo rk Short Stays Mannion & Co T he Feathers Hotel Ampleforth Abbey Duncombe Pa rk Kirks Coffee House & Kitchen Hovingh am Bakery Hovingham Stores Hunters of Helmsl ey The White Swan of Ampleforth - Seafo od & Grill The Park at Hovingh am Barkers Cafe Bar Helmsley Black Ca bs
All part of the service th at Helmsley Black Cabs provide!
Really good communication. Very professional a nd well priced.
Need a reliable taxi - gi ve Helmsley Black Cabs a call!
Such a great choice of transpo rt in Helmsley πŸ˜‰ Helmsley Black Ca bs

A prestige taxi service based in Helmsl ey, North Yorkshire.

Based in Helmsley, we cover Kirkbymoorsi de, Harome, Nunnington, Stonegrave, Gilling, Hovingham, Oswaldki rk, Scawton, Rievaulx, Kilburn, Coxwold, Oldstead a nd the surrounding areas.

Operating as usual


Did you know that for t he last number of years Golden Squa re has received a 5 pennant awa rd from the AA?

This is the t op rating and one the whole te am is very proud of. We lo ok forward to maintaining these standards a nd ensuring everyone has a fun a nd pleasant stay at Golden Square.

Timeline photos 18/11/2021

is stunning at this ti me of year

Photos from Hare Inn, Scawton's po st 06/11/2021

Well done guys! A special pla ce indeed πŸ‘Œ

Timeline photos 18/09/2021

Dropping off customers in beautiful

Timeline photos 16/06/2021

Our longest journey completed to Fo rt Augustus, Loch Ness,🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 safely returning a gentlem an home after visiting friends in t he area. Thanks Adam Kendall f or completing the journey. Enjoy your overnig ht layover & safe journey home tomorr ow πŸš–πŸ‘


It gets better β˜ΊοΈπŸš–πŸ‘


Lovely to get appreciative reviews fr om our customers πŸš–πŸ‘


Congratulations to all Golden Square Carav an Park πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸš–πŸ‘

Woohoo.. we're delighted to have be en awarded Tripadvisor's "Travelers' Choice Award 20 21" πŸŽ‰

"The Travelers’ Choice Award celebrates tho se that consistently deliver fantastic experiences to travele rs around the globe. Winners like y ou earned positive traveler reviews and ratin gs over the past year.
In this particular ly challenging year, you stood out by providi ng great service and experiences to yo ur guests."

Big thanks to everyone who help ed us achieve this award πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Photos from Beacon Cottage Ampleforth's po st 20/05/2021

Photos from Beacon Cottage Ampleforth's po st


πŸ—“ Our remaining available dates f or July πŸ—“

πŸ’« Friday 9th July f or 3 nights or 7 nights
πŸ’« Mond ay 12th July for 4 nights or 7 nigh ts
πŸ’« Monday 26th July for 4 nigh ts or 7 nights

Don’t miss out! If y ou would like to book please se nd us a message, email us [email protected] et or book on our website www.beaconcottage.net

for best prices 😁

❗️Now available to bo ok on AirBnb https://www.airbnb.com/h/beaconcottageampleforth ❗️


Good news! We have a n ew driver, Adam Kendall, starting with us e nd of May enabling us to ke ep both cars working everyday of t he week. Bookings have been exceptional fr om May 17th including one already f or Christmas Eve lunchl ! Thanks everyo ne for your support πŸ’ͺπŸš–πŸ‘

Photos from Helmsley Black Cabs's po st 13/04/2021

First collection of the season fr om Golden Square Caravan Park Visit Helmsl ey . Here's to a bett er year for all in tourism a nd hospitality πŸ•οΈπŸŒ„ πŸš–πŸ‘


We're looking to recruit another driv er to join the Helmsley Black Ca bs team. If you're interested or if y ou know of someone who may be interest ed, please message us to register an expressi on of interest and to arrange f or an informal chat. πŸš–πŸ‘


We're looking to recruit another driv er to join the Helmsley Black Ca bs team. If you're interested or if y ou know of someone who may be interest ed, please message us to register an expressi on of interest and to arrange f or an informal chat. πŸš–πŸ‘

Sunderland Together: Wembley Virtual Tickets 06/03/2021

Sunderland Together: Wembley Virtual Tickets

Just smashed Β£100,000. Well done everyo ne! πŸ”΄βšͺβš«πŸš–πŸ‘

Sunderland Together: Wembley Virtual Tickets We may not be together at Wembl ey, but together we can make a re al difference to thousands of lives acro ss the North East.


Join Visiting North Yorkshire


In view of this afternoon's announceme nt regarding North Yorkshire moving into Ti er 3 restrictions we will unfortunately n ot be providing a taxi service on N ew Year's evening and New Year's morning.

Ha ve the best New Year you c an and here's to a brighter a nd healthier 2021

Best wishes,

Ian and Ste ve


Merry Christmas to all our custome rs, past, present and in the futu re. Have the best time you can.

Be st wishes,

Ian and Steve πŸŽ…πŸš–πŸ‘

Photos from Helmsley Black Cabs's po st 05/12/2020

Very happy to provide wedding transpo rt for Joanne Robson and Riz Kh an on their special day. Congratulations gu ys! πŸ₯‚β€οΈπŸš–πŸ‘


Taking customers to an extremely festi ve The Star Inn At Harome πŸŽ… πŸš–πŸ‘


πŸŽ…Xmas AvailabilityπŸŽ…

Both cars are working up unt il & including Xmas Eve.

Xmas D ay: Closed
Boxing Day: Closed

Both cars working unt il New Years Eve

New Year's Day: Op en


And right on the doorstep of T he Star Inn At Harome and T he Pheasant Hotel, Harome 🌟🍷πŸ₯‚


Looking forward to taking guests to t he fabulous The Pheasant Hotel, Harome co me December. Stay safe everyone πŸš–πŸ‘

Dear guests and friends,
Following la st night's government update, we are bitter ly disappointed to be having to clo se from this Thursday until Wednesday 2 nd December. The safety of our te am members and our guests has remain ed our number one priority throughout th is whole pandemic and, whilst saddened by la st night’s news, we know that we mu st all do our bit to he lp try and reduce the impact of th is awful virus. If you have a reservati on with us which will be affect ed by the new lockdown we wi ll be in touch with you a nd ......we will be sending out an ema il early next week letting all y ou lovely loyal and supportive customers kn ow of our plans for the ne xt few weeks! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€Watch this space...... ... β€˜Phezeroo’ will be back!πŸ›

☎️Our phones wi ll be manned daily so please ke ep in touch and get booking f or December early!

Thank you all for yo ur continued support and understanding throughout th is challenging time. The whole Pheasant te am look forward to welcoming you ba ck when we are able to reopen.

Plea se stay safe and take care.

Jacquie a nd Peter

Photos from The Pheasant Hotel, Harome 's post 28/10/2020

Photos from The Pheasant Hotel, Harome 's post


Collecting guests from Feversham Ar ms Hotel & Verbena Spa to T he Black Swan at Oldstead - Michel in Star Restaurant with Rooms πŸš–πŸ‘


Collecting guests from Feversham Ar ms Hotel & Verbena Spa to T he Black Swan at Oldstead - Michel in Star Restaurant with Rooms πŸš–πŸ‘


Although we have been doing th is already, and in order to comp ly with the Government regulations announced tod ay, it is now mandatory to we ar a face covering whilst taking a ri de in a taxi. If you a re exempt from the regulation on medic al grounds please let your driver kn ow. Thanks.

Photos from The Rose and Cro wn, Nawton Beadlam.'s post 15/09/2020

Best of luck Martin! πŸ»πŸš–πŸ‘


It is with extreme sadness th at we can now say that on Saturday/Sund ay evening 15th/16th August one of o ur drivers, James "Jimmy" Mallinson passed aw ay. James was working that evening wi th the taxi when he became i ll and despite the best efforts of t he police and paramedics, he sadly succumb ed to a cardiac arrest and pass ed away. We have spoken with a nd met Stephen and Judith, James paren ts, and they have asked us to pa ss on their thanks for all t he kind and heartfelt expressions of sympat hy. James was a top bloke a nd will be sadly missed by a ll that knew and loved him. R IP. Ian and Steve πŸ˜’πŸš–


Well that was three days roll ed into one! Cars started at 7.45 th is morning with Rievaulx and York a nd just got in from Sheriff Hutt on and Ampleforth. How did we mana ge that Steve? πŸš–πŸ˜‚Thanks everyone for yo ur custom and support, it's very mu ch appreciated πŸš–πŸ‘

Photos from The Royal Oak Hotel 's post 06/08/2020

Champions League football is back at T he Royal Oak βš½πŸ»πŸΊπŸš–πŸ‘

Photos from The Pheasant Hotel, Harome 's post 04/08/2020

Many congratulations to The Pheasant Hot el, Harome πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸš–πŸ‘

Photos from Helmsley Black Cabs's po st 30/07/2020

Collecting guests from Elvington Airfield, Yo rk βœˆοΈπŸš–πŸ‘

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Two and a half months  on, 10,000 miles on the clock, supporti ng local businesses and residents alike - whe re has the ...




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Monday 7am - 11pm
Tuesday 7am - 11pm
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